Make stock at home.

I use a ton of stock in my cooking. I use it often in place of oil or other liquids. It took me some experimentation but I have found a system that allows me to get my meats to taste as if I had pan fried them but without all the fat and oil. I now make my own stock using bones I buy very inexpensively. Ask the butcher for soup bones, and don't forget to ask how much they cost first. Some meat counters just have them out for sale. I think the days of getting them for free are long gone. It might also help to be friendly with a butcher first--say hi, ask questions like "How do you cook this? What is the best buy this week? etc."... Once he/she knows you are a regular at that store then maybe you'll get them cheaper.

There are a couple of ways to store stock but I tend to prefer to freeze mine. I make what I anticipate needing for the month and freeze it. That way I know it is going to be fresh.