I used to use Splenda but have recently switched to stevia. I really like stevia and had no problem using it. I find it funny that Stevia which is just all plain and simple (and TASTES FINE JUST LIKE IT IS without all the unnecessary chemical tinkering and additives) and is a natural plant product, sits by itself all lonely over in the "supplements" aisle (if it is there at all) because apparently no company will spend the money to conduct research to prove its safety to the FDA as a food item (or advertise it) - thus, it can only be sold as a supplement.I grew Stevia in my garden this year. When the weather turned cold I brought it in the house so I will have it year round. I did use it a little bit for iced tea and hot tea (just the leaves). I also made an extract with it and that seemed to work OK. I am going to try to dry the leaves next and use the flakes. The plant is struggling a bit right now...I guess it is in shock from moving inside. It is pretty hard to grow from seed and you don't always get a sweet plant. But once I got it going it grew pretty fast. I took cuttings to root and filled a large container and that is what is in my house now.