For a long time I have used antihistamines to help me get to sleep at night. I have used them for so long I am probably immune to them at this point. I really need to try something new to get to sleep. Someone told me about a website called bestsleepingpills.org but I haven't had time to visit it yet. I realized that I have become immune to the effect of antihistamines when I had an allergic reaction recently and the antihistamine had no impact whatsoever. It opened my eyes to the fact that if I were to have a really bad allergic reaction that I could no longer count on my allergy medicine to work. I am hoping that if I find a new sleep aid then maybe my body will respond better to antihistamines when I actually need them for allergies. I think I need to retrain my body to go to sleep on its own but I don't know if this is even possible at this point.