My new flour.

I stopped using white and wheat flour in cooking for myself. This led me to look for alternatives. I had never heard of almond flour or coconut flour before. I decided to give coconut flour a try and have been using it quite a bit. I love coconut flour and make a lot of different things with it. It bakes really nice and baked goods taste almost like things baked with flour. You have to remember to add fat to recipes though as coconut flour is dry, I use coconut oil along with it to keep things moist. My serving size is one tbsp per day (not every day, just never more in 1 day) and I haven't had any problems with cravings. As a matter of fact it is very satisfying and makes me feel like I haven't given anything up at all. I haven't tried bread, I mostly use it for sweet stuff (pancakes, muffins, cake) and I did use it to thicken gravy with very good results.If you are trying to go low carb I would encourage you to give coconut flour a try!