Research and learn.

When people hear that I work from home they immediately want to know what I do and how I got into the work that I do. While I understand their interest I do find it kind of frustrating when they ask questions. The jobs I have found and the work that I do took me a long time to become successful at. People assume that it is quite a simple thing to totally switch careers and find real work at home opportunities. The truth is that I spent a great deal of time learning about websites, directory submission services, and other aspects of being a webmaster. It didn't come easy and it did not happen over night. There were people who helped me along the way but mostly it was through determination on my part to provide for my family that it all worked out. I now point people in the direction of the tools to get them started but that is as far as it goes. I believe that if you really want something you need to work for and figure it out on your own. The people who ask me questions after they have put forth some effort are the ones that get my help these days. I used to help everyone who asked but found most of them wanted the work done for them.