Closeness is valuable.

For the last month I have started to notice changes in my older son. He is starting to seem less like a young boy and more like a teenager. He no longer wants to watch "little kid" shows or listen to childish music. His interests are shifting to video games and computers instead of toys and cartoons. I just know it won't be long before I have to start shopping for cheap car insurance! Each time he sits down next to me and snuggle I thank my lucky stars. I am one of those parents who knows the day will come when he isn't interested in this type of closeness and will start to separate himself from me. I cherish my time with him and the fact that although he is growing up in so many ways there is still a part of him that needs to be near me. I have valued every stage of his childhood but for some reason lately things seem all the more tender because I can see the little boy fading into the shadows.