Reason for not having television.

LOOOOVVVEE not having network programming.

*We waste less time. (I'm a huge TV lover, so if I had cable programming I could seriously throw my life away.)
*I never have to worry about what my kids are watching. And I'm not just talking about inappropriate stuff, I'm talking about stupid, inane, mind-numbing stuff.
*Commercials? Those are those 15 second blips on Hulu that you can pause and go wash dishes during, right? (I guess TiVo also helps with this, but you actually have to have it recorded before you can fast forward, right?)
*My kids never have "the gimmes" because they don't have any programming telling them about all the things they're missing out on.
*Since the TV doesn't get programming, that's one less thing it's in demand for, which may be part of the reason no one ever fights over the TV in our house.
*Every time I go to my in-laws and sit down to watch TV, I'm absolutely stunned by how STUPID it is. The stuff that's on television is just, well, stupid!
*Did I mention saving 50 bucks a month? (Is that how much TV costs?)