Finding excuses.

Last week I was hired for a new job. It is a job that I have done before and have enjoyed doing. For some reason I am having a hard time finding the motivation to sit down and get to work. I am finding every excuse possible not to work. I have distracted myself shopping for home insurance quotes and organizing the kitchen. The laundry is all done and the dust bunnies have been eradicated. What is it that makes me not want to do this job? It isn't a hard job and tends to be pretty interesting. I just can't seem to get myself started for some silly reason. I have no problems getting the work done for my other jobs but not for this one. I am now wondering if I have secretly been kidding myself about just how much I really used to enjoy this job. I think the year I took off from it might have been a tad too long. I am setting a goal to spend a few hours working tomorrow and hopefully get back into some sort of groove with this job.