HCG protocol rocks!

I am closing in on my target weight loss for this portion of my diet. I am about 3 pounds shy of losing the 25 pounds that I set out to loose during the my first round. I likely would have already met that goal if I had done a better job of sticking to the protocol specifically. A couple bites of sweets during the holidays set me back almost a week in loosing. I have to say this is the most fabulous diet I have ever been on. Now that I am gearing up for the next phase of the protocol I am looking to get back into working out more frequently. Now that I have the new Wii Fit Plus game I am motivated but wanting to get something else to mix things up. Has anyone used the Biggest Loser game? The other game I am considering is EA Sports. I wish there were somewhere local I could rent them for a while to try that was cost effective. Our local rental prices are so high I might as well buy them.