So very young.

For a couple of months we have had a therapist coming to the house to work with our son on various skills. I have to admit that I have been concerned because she is very young and fresh out of school. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and wait to see how things progressed over time. Last week she confided to me that she is only part-time with the agency she works for and is looking for another job. This is not surprising considering she has no benefits through her job. She told me that she has been looking into getting health life insurance quotes so that she could privately purchase insurance but is just not having much success. I really feel for her situation but am not entirely convinced that she is the therapist for us. She has canceled many appointments at the last minute with very similar excuses. It leads me to wonder if her boss is aware of how many appointments she is canceling. I suspect she may be out interviewing for other jobs when she is supposed to be meeting with us. Consistency is something my son depends on and it is very upsetting to never be sure when she is going to show up. I am torn about saying something to her supervisor and waiting it out to see if she turns things around in the next couple of weeks.