Back at it.

Technically we are supposed to be on Christmas break from school. Because my son attends a virtual charter school it is flexible as to how we choose to get our school hours in during the year. Today we are doing some school work because we hope to take a really long summer vacation. My son is happy to do some school work during Christmas break if it means being able to have a 4 month summer break rather than 2-3 month break. I love that the kid is flexible and doesn't give me much grief about the work I assign him to do. He loves to learn and as long as I don't give him piles of work he is more than happy to plow through it. I hear stories from other parents about there kids constantly battling them to do school work and I am always so thankful my son is not like that. I am sure the day will come when he is not as accommodating but for right now he is and it is wonderful. Who wouldn't want a super long summer break instead of sitting on a cold snowy day being bored to death?