Planning for the next phase.

Right now I am in the midst of a very strict diet. The diet is paying off in huge ways but requires an incredible amount of discipline. There are four phases to the diet and I am in the second one. So far I have lost 16.5 pounds in a little shy of three weeks. I have just about 3 weeks left on this phase before I enter the next phase. I am looking forward to that phase because I can then get back to working out on treadmills and other equipment. It is funny but during the first phase of the diet you are only suppose to do leisurely walking which has been hard for me. When I walk I walk to get out there and move rather than mosey along. I have tried so many diet plans that haven't worked that it was hard at first to believe this one would. So far I am a huge believer and doing my best to follow the plan exactly as it was devised. I am trying to live in today and not over analyze each phase that is to follow but I can't help but be excited for the future as a thinner me.