Noisy toys.

There must be a certain group of childless people out there that toy makers design toys for. What I mean is people who buy gifts for other people's children but don't have any of their own. Toy makers must recognize that there are people out there who will be drawn to the noisiest and most obnoxious toy on the shelf. You know the toy with no educational significance that exists solely to make the loudest sounds possible that kids will want to hear over and over and over again. I love that people love my children enough to buy them presents but I dare them to spend a week with some of the toys that they buy. Right now I am on my 3rd consecutive hour of listening to a motorized tractor that plays the chicken dance song incredibly loudly while chicken's squawk in the background. No one on earth who stays at home with young children for any length of time would in their right mind buy this toy. I give it one more day before someone in my house removes the batteries.