Get moving.

My husband has been pretty miserable for a while. I believe this is mostly due to his job being pretty thankless. Each day he would come home and sit down on the couch to hardly move until bedtime. Finally a few weeks ago I had a heart to heart talk with him and told him that I think he is depressed. He of course denied this but said he was open to learning more about natural treatments for depression. I told him that I honestly believed that if he would start excising again that he would feel better overall. He promised to start working out again and began a workout routine the next night. Each night since then he has faithfully hit the treadmill. It is amazing the difference in his attitude. He is now once again laughing and talking with anticipation about the how we are going to spend our summer. I know that his job is still miserable but I believe he is seeing that leaving work at work is a good thing and being active helps him to manage the stress of his job.