Eating out is almost a no go.

Since starting Atkins, my husband and I eat mostly at home because everything seems to be crawling with illicit carbs out there in the cold, cruel world!

We have hit the buffet a couple of times, which I find to offer the most variety ... plenty of protein choices, salad fixings, cooked greens, and even sugar-free jell-o. The idea of any other kind of restaurant strikes terror in my heart ... Italian?! Pasta! Oy! Pizza?! Eeeeeee! A steak house seems the most Atkins friendly, to me.

Cracker Barrel has a low carb menu so tonight we went there and I have a nice steak, with collard greens, green beans and it was very good. I noticed they have a low carb breakfast too.

In the Greek restaurants I have Slovaki which is pretty low in carbs. I usually take 1/2 of it home for the next day.

My favorite cook at home meal is a stir-fry. We buy the beef strips and cook them in the crock pot. When I get home from work I throw them into a big frying pan and add a bit of the juice they cooked in and green, red, and yellow peppers, onions, water chestnuts and bean sprouts. It's very good.

It is really easier to cook at home than to worry about what is in my food when we go out to eat. One great meal could negate all my hard work.