Grow up already!

The stupidity of some supposedly smart people never ceases to give me pause to be thankful for my own life. Someone we know from our many travels around the country received his "burn notice" from his job yesterday. Without divulging to many details I will sum it up to say that he has repeatedly made a series of incredibly stupid and selfish decisions that led to his employers forcing his resignation. In his line of work it typically is a hard case for the employer to establish grounds for termination. I fail to understand in the HIGHLY competitive job market he is in why someone would make the choices he made that now leave his family with a VERY uncertain financial future. Hopefully (prayerfully) this is a wakeup call and he does some deep self investigation and grows as a result of this. Sadly my impression is that he instead will only see this event as an "injustice" inflicted on him and himself as an innocent victim of the unfair system. This just confirms my own thankfulness that my husband gets up every day and goes to his job and does what is expected like it or not (huge salary or not)!