Who Defines Broke

It is funny the different standards we all have for what is a good lifestyle and what is not. I have a good friend who lives across the country and when we chat she is forever caught up on how she wishes she had a higher standard of living. The funny thing is I happen to know that her annual family income is at least 3 times that of mine. It literally kills me to hear her talk about not having money for this or that and in the next breath talk about all of the great condo hotels they stayed in on their family vacation. Granted we chose to walk away from an incredible lifestyle in the big city. I really have nothing to complain about and truth be told never speak a word of our finances. Rather I just sit and giggle on the inside as she describes her recent order from Land's End, how the children are each going to camp, spending $600.00 on groceries, having had her hair done for $85.00, and how tight thing are in her house. I have come to the realization that most people walking around talking about being broke really have no clue what true poverty nor how fortunate they are. Rather most are experiencing a time of denial when they can't have everything they want.