Digging for information.

A couple of weeks ago I shared some personal information with my brother. I asked that he not tell anyone because of the nature of the topic. Since my conversation with him took place his wife has sent me multiple emails that were subtly digging to find out what I had shared with my brother. I don't really know my sister-in-law very well and would feel more comfortable talking with her about non-personal like online business insurance quotes than I would sharing a personal problem. Instead of answering her probing questions I simply chose to respond only to those areas of the email that were less personal. There may come a time when I feel comfortable talking with her about sensitive topics but I need to know her better before do so. As it stands she tends to send out mass emails to everyone she knows when she is facing a problem or someone has a health concern. I simply don't approach life in a such a way and would hate for my issues or health problems to become public knowledge in such a way.