A year from now...

It is hard when you are on a diet not to plan for the future. I find myself frequently daydreaming about the me I could be in the coming months. I think we all do this sort of thing depending on what is going on in our lives. A pregnant mother will dream about what her child will be like when they enter the world.  A newlywed may spend time counting the days until a first anniversary. These moments mark triumphs in our lives that we want to symbolize in certain ways.

A husband will spend weeks searching for perfect "anniversary gifts for her" and a his bride will do the same. Giving just the right gift from the heart sends a message of love and promise for the future. I have been blessed to have 20 anniversaries in my life with my husband and each has been truly special in its own way. With each year we are married I feel like somehow our loves grows more and more special.

Since my life is at that stage where I am no longer dreaming of wedding or babies I have new objectives for myself. Right now I am in the process of overhauling my health and body. In my mind I am constantly doing various calculations to determine how much weight I might loose in a given amount of time if present trends in my life continue. I realize that what I am doing is a lifestyle change as opposed to a "diet" but weight loss is a side effect of my lifestyle change. I also realize that weight loss slows over time and am working to keep my mind of getting ahead of its self in theorizing how much I might weigh six months from now. I keep telling myself that no matter what as long as I continue on this path I will be a new me a year from now.