City Smallholding

This is week there is a flap going on in the world of city farming or homesteading. Apparently the terms I would like to describe this lifestyle have been trademarked and I am not able to use the words I would like to use lest I be infringing upon this trademark. The type of lifestyle I am referring to is embarked upon by those living in an urban area. These people replicate as closely as they can the lifestyle choices of those who live on a country homestead. Take out the word country and insert "urban" and you have the words which are now trademarked. It sickens me to think that people think it necessary to trademark these words. It is as bad as what Monsanto is doing in terms of owning seeds and the rights to grow those seeds. Trademarking a lifestyle choice is just so gay! What is someone trademarked -gay, heterosexual and so on? Would be then all have to come up with new names for ourselves lest we be threatened with legal action? So, in response to these dolts I have bought the domains - City Smallholding and City Smallhold. I may not be able to call myself an urban H*M#S&E'D!R any longer but I can call myself a city smallholder - for now.