This year will be easier.

The start of a new year always causes me to reflect on the year that has passed. Last year was a year of ups and downs. My husband started off the year with a serious car accident that left him laid up for several months. We spent the summer learning the ins and outs of gardening and trying to live sustainably. In the fall I began homeschooling our younger son in addition to his older brother. We paid off all of our credit card debt and began truly living within our means by making only purchases that were true necessities versus "wants". So much in our lives has evolved that I can't begin to put it all into words in a single post. The world is different because we are living differently. Almost loosing my husband caused me to realize that life really can throw you for a loop when you least expect it. It forced me to look at how we were living in this world and what truly matters. I feel like that one event spurred us on the path to the life we have been meant to live.