Work celebrations.

The place where my husband works always seems to be celebrating one thing or another. I almost believe they make up holidays just to have a reason to have a party. They actually have a party to celebrate Ground Hog Day. Most of the parties they have occur within the office but there are exceptions. Every year for Christmas they book a place at a local hotel to have a fancy party. The woman all wear their best evening dresses and men wear tuxedos. We have yet to attend one of these functions. This is primarily because my husband simply does not want to attend. To be honest I am not that interested in going either. I don't know anyone there and would likely just end up sitting quietly at a table. My husband says that they all talk about how much they drink for days afterward. His impression is that not attending is the best way to avoid seeing anyone behaving outlandishly. It is really hard to shake images from your head of your boss under the influence.  We take the money we would spend to attend on of these parties and enjoy a nice evening out by ourselves.