Now I wonder...F

For years I have had what I believed to be allergy attacks. My "allergy" attacks are unique in that they don't seem to be precipitated by anything specific aside from smells. They are more unique in that they only impact one side of my head. They are debilitating and excruciating. I feel like my head is going to explode and my eye and nose run without ceasing. Looking into the light makes it all the worse and nothing seems to stop them once they start aside from a sleeping pill. I don't really think that the sleeping pill treats them as much as it makes it possible for me to get through the pain. Today I decided to look up my symptoms and was surprised to find the term "cluster headache" come up as a response. Cluster headaches are also known as suicide headaches because of the pain they cause. I almost cried when I read the description because it sounded exactly like what I have experienced for so many years. I will quite literally take anything in the midst of one if you told me it would make the pain and symptoms go away. I have an appointment with the doctor in a couple of weeks at which time I hope to gain some insight on what I have read and maybe some sort of help will be offered.