Everything and more.

Each and every year I am always amazed by the sheer volume of the gifts that my children receive. They are the only grandchildren on either side of the family. This means that they are spoiled rotten by countless people. I try very hard not to go overboard when I buy for them because I know that they will get more gifts than any child should. I can honestly say that this year there is not a single thing that they asked for that they did not find under the tree. This isn't to say that they ask for expensive gifts or anything but they do get what they ask for. I have no doubt that if my children took a notion to ask for blue diamonds that they would in fact be given them by one of their indulgent grandparent's. Thankfully, they ask for pretty basic things like building or chemistry sets. My older son put rechargeable batteries on every list he made. He realized that many of the toys that he already has could be used more often if he had an endless supply of batteries. You have to love a child that thinks like that. I can see why people would want to spoil him.