The cyber school my older son attends is always trying new ways to motivate and encourage the children. This week they introduced a fun project that involves a school wide read-a-thon. Throughout the course of the year the children are invited to log minutes spent each day reading. This is a dual purpose event in that the children can win prizes but they school is also raising money for various programs through sponsor donations made in support of each child. I have to laugh because the program suggests that each child set a goal of reading at least 15 minutes each day. My son is one of those kids that you honestly have to tell to quit reading. He will pick up anything he can find and read it irregardless of what it is. The child will read the mail before I can to it and can tell me all about the advertisements for hgh releasers, organic gardening, and credit card offers we get each day. I have to go into the bathroom when he is showering and remove the books he drags in there with him because he get sidetracked with reading. The child will forget to get dried off or dressed if there is a book lying in sight in the bathroom. I honestly don't know how to set a daily reading goal for him because he spends the entire day reading.