Pacing myself.

If there is one thing I love it is candy. I am not a fan of candy bars but rather stuff like sticky gooey taffy and chewy things. Reading this you can probably tell that I will never be a candidate for weight gain supplements. I have almost no self-control when it comes to candy and try very hard not to keep much in the house. If I don't eat it I am in much better shape than if I just have a single piece. After eating a single piece I quite literally cannot get the thought of candy and having more of it out of my head. I find myself turning down candy when I know that I won't have an opportunity to overindulge. Taking a piece of candy from a candy bowl turns on something in my brain that makes me want it so much that I will find a reason to go buy some at the store. Halloween is really hard. I can see that my children have the same issue. That is why we take most of the candy, that suits my recipes, and make cookie dough with it. Anything chocolate goes into cookie dough that we freeze and use in the coming months. This leaves our candy bowl significantly less and our temptation lowered.