Try something else.

Our neighbor's son recently moved back in with them. He is in his late 50's and seems to be in worse health that ever. The poor man can hardly walk because his legs are so swollen. What gets to me is that his ill health does not prevent him from going outside on an almost hourly basis to smoke. If I were in that much pain I would either try to quit smoking or look into an electronic cigarette. I can't help but think that quitting would be great for his health but he doesn't seem to want to pursue that option. The man is only ten or so years older than us and looks at least 20 years older. I feel bad for him and wonder is going on to make him swell so badly. We don't really get the opportunity to get to know him because he is rarely outside for any period of time other than to smoke. We don't really tend to try to talk to him when he is smoking because the smell bothers my children.