We are fine.

It is always interesting to me how people come out of the woodwork when they hear you are in an accident. In the last two weeks we have been contacted by more friends than we knew we had. The phone never stopped ringing and our mailbox was full. For the most part this was really nice and reassuring. There was a part of me however that just wanted to shut out the world and sleep. I did stop answering the phone for a day or so just so I could get a bit of sleep. After so many sleepless night I needed it and there wasn't a wrinkle cream in the world that was going to help. Sleep is sometimes the only answer when life is just handing you a bit more than you can process. I know a few people were offended that I didn't return their calls right away. The truth is there were a couple of people I felt certain were not concerned for my family but only wanted to find out the details of the accident and nothing more.