Tough love

It was really hard to do, but I think DH and I did the right thing today.

We all had the day off today and tossed around different ideas about what we should do on our day off. Finally, the four of us loaded in the truck and started to head north on the freeway. DH said we could stop and get food for a picnic, etc. We were looking forward to it.....however, DS started in with his really annoying behavior, name-calling, saying stuff just to get a laugh, etc. We told him to stop and that we just wanted to spend the day together as a family, and didn't want him to ruin it.

Things progressed until until finally, DH turned the truck around and we headed back home. To make a long-story short, we actually dropped off both kids off with my folks and DH and I spent the afternoon alone together!!

I think the kids were surprised that we followed through with our threat. I missed having the opportunity to "make a memory," with the kids like my MIL says, but DH and I just didn't need the added stress of constantly reminding two teenagers how to conduct themselves.

He and I had a great time despite that it was chilly.

Anyway, it had to be done. So, hopefully the kids will think twice about acting up when we're offering to take them somewhere.