Teacher gift idea

What I do is pretty simple but it is always received well and is pretty frugal. I make "sundae cones".

Take an icing piping bag. Put three servings of hot chocolate in the bottom (I buy this in large bags at GFS. Makes about 5 cones per bag. Bags are 3.50), then a layer of chocolate chips, then a layer of mini marshmallows. Top with a red foil wrapped candy like Hershey cherry cordial kiss ( I use a chocolate/caramel candy that our discount grocery store sells for $1 a bag. Twist the bag tie closed with a pretty ribbon. I put the "cone" and a pretty mug in a gift bag.

I use cardstock to make a tag and tie it on with the ribbon. I just put the instructions that are on the bag of hot chocolate. Something like "Add three heaping tablespoons of cocoa to 6 oz of hot water. Stir in marshmallows and chocolate chips as desired. ENJOY!"

Just check on the package of cocoa you are using.