I have never really talked about it but I come from a family of people who are hoarders. I really think this is why I prefer to have my house uncluttered and free of excess stuff. They aren't as bad as some of the people you see on television but it is pretty excessive. My mother works in a nursing home and frequently brings home stuff that the nursing home throws out. The stuff she brings home includes everything from medical equipment to blankets and sheets. Secretly this drives me crazy because I know at some point of all their stuff will become my problem. I try to understand her line of thinking but at this point I really can't wrap my head around it. The thing she refuses to see is how this acquiring of stuff impacts her relationship with us. It is really hard to want to visit them when you just know there is going to more and more stuff taking up space where people should be enjoying themselves. I am resigned at this point that she is just going to have to make a choice to live a different life because I can't do it for her.