A lesson learned.

I spend 20-25 minutes each and every morning trying to get my son up for school. Even the alarm perched right above his head blasts off, but he sleeps right through it. I send the dog up the stairs to wake him up, but ds ends up rolling over with the dog and they lay there and sleep! DH even plays his trumpet downstairs in the morning, but ds refuses to move.

So...this morning, we let him endure the consequences of us NOT working quite so hard to get him up. I did go in his room, turn on the light, talk to him, etc., and the dog even ran up to wake him, but after a little while, I decided I was tired of putting forth the effort it takes to get him up. So, for the first time we let Sleeping Beauty sleep in and miss the first 40 minutes of class!

He was quite upset when he finally sprung from bed and realized the time.