Te;evison spotlight.

Do you watch Jon and Kate plus Eight? I have to say that I do feel for Jon and Kate as human beings. They were drawn into the lime light and I think, just lost control. On several episodes, they have said that they were scared when they found out she was having septuplets. They didn't know how they could afford them and they were afraid that they wouldn't be able to do anything like vacations and such anymore. I think that when the "money" started coming in, they couldn't turn it away. I do believe that Kate is the one who wants to keep doing the show and that Jon wants to stop and try to get his family back.

Hopefully things will work out for them for the kids, but if the bickering and arguing continues, I think that the kids would be better off with them together. Maybe some counseling and a good "timeout" from the world is what's needed. I think that we should remember them in a prayer that they get their messed up lives in order, before the kids act up more than they already do.