Sick and in pain~

I have a wretched cold that has now settled in my chest. Prior to getting this cold I was having pains in the right side of my stomach. These pains keep changing in where they are located and how they feel. Between the aching in my chest and the pain in my side from coughing I am half tempted to go to the hospital. I keep putting off going to the doctors because I never go and don't want to deal with taking two kids to an appointment for me. I keep thinking I should just get in the car and drive over there one night and get checked out. It would be worth the cost of my co-pay not to have to deal with taking the kids with me. The other bonus would be getting some me time. I could do things I have putting put off like pay our car insurance bills and renew our registration. I just keep forgetting to take of these things during the day. Of course having bronchitis and what feels like appendicitis is a perfect way to get me time don't you think?