Foaming dish soap

I don't get it. I seriously don't. I realize, I sound quite silly saying that I don't "get" dish soap but I really don't get the appeal of this soap.

Apparently the concept is you take a damp sponge and put the foaming soap directly on it, then 'wash' the dish with minimal water. I don't like it. I like using water -- when there's 'stuff' on the dish, it gets on the sponge and then I have to turn back on the water, rinse sponge, then apply soap again and go back to the dish. Seems silly to me.

Also strange, in little fine print near the bottom, it says "antibacterial hand soap." So is it supposed to double or is it really foaming hand soap at heart? Because that's what we'll be using it for, even though the "Citrus Kick" scent smells like oranges gone wrong to my nose. I'm glad I only paid like 50 cents for it on sale with a coupon.