Toy Parts

My husband likes cars and, much to my dismay, has two of them that he has deemed as "his projects". One of these is a 1969 Dodge Charger and I am pretty sure that would he have to choose between me or the car, it would be a tough choice. Needless to say the car is valuable and I look at it that should we need to, we could sell it to make the down payment on a house so for now I can tolerate it and have even helped him in finding new parts for it in my travels of the internet. Our most recent Dodge Charger accessory that we have searched for has been the toggle witches for the heater and air-conditioner. I didn't think that 6 little pieces of plastic would cost as much as a car payment. This thing had better be able to get me three bedrooms and a garage or he will be sleeping in the car.