Missing my commute.

It occurred to me this week that there is one thing about working outside the home that I actually do miss. Believe it or not I miss my morning to commute to work. Most people I know who have worked in the big city would not say this but I really miss my 45 minute drives to work. You see I have always had a set routine each morning that is part of my commute. Commuting was my little part of the day that was all mine. I could listen to whatever I wanted to on the radio and enjoy time alone with my thoughts. Add in the fact that I stopped midway for a cup of steaming coffee from my favorite gas station and it was all good times. How I do miss WaWa coffee. I did not feel the same way about the commute home and in fact hated the drive back. It never failed that on a Friday afternoon there would be a semi truck accident tying up the road leaving me stuck sitting in traffic for hours. Of course I wouldn't give up working in my pajamas for any cup of coffee.