A good night's sleep.

Our one year is an extremely light sleeper. It doesn't matter what we do to to create the perfect sleep environment he continues to wake up several times throughout the night. I don't know if we need new baby furniture or what the exact problem is. My guess is that he rolls over during the night and bangs into the side rails creating just enough squeaking to arouse himself. We are up no less than four time each night to soothe him and put him back to bed. I am considering looking into different types of baby cribs to see if there is something on the market that might eliminate this problem. The metal rails on his crib make this awful clanking sound each time he bumps into them. Usually around 5 am he sufficiently arouses himself to the point that the only way to get him back to sleep is to put him in bed with us. This works out great for him but we never get into a deep sleep. Any and all suggestions are welcome if you want to drop a comment.