Teaching responsibility.

The other day I was discussing parenting with a friend of mine from college. She is a full time attorney raising 3 boys. The boys ages are 10, 8, and 18 months. Kate has a great perspective on parenting that I love. From a very young age she strives to teach her children personal responsibility. This isn't to say she runs her home militantly but rather just firmly believes in natural consequences. My favorite quote from her is " I am not raising children, I am raising adults". When you think about it this really is how we should look at parenting. So many children view life like a vacation at the Tropicana Las Vegas. These kids honestly think someone will always be there to clean their room, cook their meals, and provide never ending good times. Everyone needs a taste of this lifestyle from time to time but too many parents give their children a steady diet of this and they really grow up.