This is just a rant and nothing more so ignore it :)

I am a person who is on time for appointments I make. I come from a family who is on time for appointments they make. Being on time to me is a way of showing that I respect the person whom I have made the appointment with. I do not call after I am supposed to be somewhere and announce I am NOW leaving for our meeting. I do not then call 30 minutes later and say " I haven't quite made it out the door yet". I don't wait for you to call me to see where I am after I said I have left. I VALUE YOU and YOUR TIME. I call you well in advance if my plans have changed and I don't commit to something knowing full well I am not going to show up. I may hedge and say I might come but I don't set a date and a time and then not show up. This is the type of thing that drives me in the other direction.

This post is not about you. Again just a bit of rant that I would never verbalize aloud.

Have a great day!