Free Calorie Counter

I am finally at a point where I am able to focus on a few of my personal goals. Foremost on my list is to finally loose the extra baby weight I have been carrying around the last few months. In order to accomplish this I have been actively engaging in calorie counting. This is a great exercise for anyone trying to loose weight because it really heightens your awareness of what you are feeding your body. Using the free calorie counter at MyFitnessPal.com I have had some pretty startling revalations about the quality of the food I routinely have been eating. The calorie counter at MyFitnessPal.com allows me not only to track my caloric intake but also my weight loss journey and enables me to make better food choices in the process. I love being able to throughout the day see exactly what I have consumed so I can plan the rest of the day's meals and snacks. MyFitnessPal.com makes loosing weight so much easier than trying to go it alone.