Big Bags and Purses

The other day I got together with some girlfriends and their children for an outdoor play date. As we were chatting the subject of purses and bags came up. I carry and extremely small purse and simply refuse to lug a giant diaper bag around. My girlfriend joking went to get her purse and diaper bag for comparison to mine. Astounded by the sheer size of these two bags I asked what she could possibly be carrying in there? She lovingly refers to them as her survival kits and happily shared everything in them with us. As I pondered the contents of my van I realized that everything that was either in my glove box, cargo nets, or rolling around in my vehicle was neatly contained in her "survival kits". They really are well organized and handy. My problem really lies in the notion of lugging them around stores and whatnot along with small children. I guess I will stick with my small purse and inexistent diaper and bag and cluttered van for now :)