What are some At Home Businesses?

I thought it would be interesting to investigate some types of at home businesses. There are a ton of wonderful lists out there on the net. What interests me is simply a single idea that I could put my own spin on. These are just a sampling of what you might consider or not consider LOL!

Advertising Specialty Sales
Aerobics Classes
Amusement Rides, Inflatable
Animal Behavior Consultant
Answering Service
Antifreeze Recycling Services
Antique and Collectibles Dealer
Antique Book and Magazine Dealer
Apartment Locator
Baby Handprint and Footprint Bronzing Service
Baby Proofing Service
Baby Shoe Bronzing Service
Balloon Animals
Balloon Decorating
Balloon Rides
Basketball Tournaments
Baskets, Specialty
Beauty Consultant
Bed and Breakfast
Bicycle Repair