It should be fun.

I did something this week that I never do. People who know me on a personal level know that I am not someone who joins things. I am not a social butterfly and tend to keep to myself. I broke with tradition this week and joined a running/walking group for women. There are about 180 women from around my area that get together each week to walk and encourage each other. The group has a half session prior to each walk that focuses on fitness. They then break up into groups based on goals and skill levels and hit the streets. I am a little anxious as to who I might end up walking with but I trust it will be okay. I know the group draws women from a wide range of backgrounds. I can hold my own on pretty much any topic from Table Rock real estate to political uproar but prefer much simpler conversation. My secret hope is that the group is friendly but not cliquey and that I will see a familiar face in the crowd. As much as I dislike making small talk I also don't walk to find myself walking alone either.