Old man winter ... go south please!

This has been a wretched winter. I seriously cannot remember the weather being worse for last 10 years or more. Usually my children could care less about what the weather holds. They just take it in stride. Hot or cold they typically do not care. My oldest however has decided that we have had more than our share of snow. He keeps asking me whether or not the groundhog saw his shadow.Today heard me mention that we are expecting a winter storm tonight and he actually got very mad. He asked me when spring was going to come? I told him that spring always come eventually but this didn't seem to make him feel any better. There was a time when the child would anxiously look out the window in hopes there would be snow falling. He would immediately rush outside to try to build a snowman at the first sight of snow. We have had so much snow and so many snowmen this winter that I believe it has just grown old and cold.