What will they do?

This morning I let my son in on the fact that we will be putting up the computers for the weekend while we are away. Typically our kids are allowed to use the computers as long as we are in the area. Given that our parents are not that computer savvy I figure we will eliminate a potential hassle and simply put the computers out of reach for the weekend. My mother would have no clue how to help our children find a website or navigate away from somewhere they didn't need to be. Our littlest son often clicks on random things and frequently finds himself on website a preschooler doesn't need to visit. I can imagine if he ended up on www.safefatburners.org or some other site and needed help to get back to his preschool website that it would be a huge issue. Rather than put my mom in the position of trying to explain to our 4 year old why she can't help him with the computer I am just going to put them up. My older son is not keen on the idea but he has a few days to adjust.