Pointless trip.

Each Saturday morning I rise early and head off to our local farmer's market. My intent with these trips is to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetable that I can put away for my family to eat over the long winter months. Typically I find a bargain on something that is too good to pass up. The weather today is unbelievably cold but I didn't think that would have any bearing on the farmer's market. Apparently the farmer's do not want to sit out in the cold because there was hardly anyone there. I came home empty handed. I could have laid in bed and enjoyed the break in the weather but I felt I needed to get to the market and get the good deals. I am trying to decide now weather to run to the market stand down the road and buy 50 pounds of potatoes to put up or not? Our potatoes look really pitiful this year. I have been reading about canning them to have on hand for soups, fried potatoes, and whatnot.