In the dark.

A few months ago we repainted our entire kitchen with the hopes of making it lighter and brighter. This helped to some degree but there still is not enough light to suit my taste. I wish something like Murray Feiss lighting were in the budget but it just isn't at this point. I have tried installing some LED lights under the cabinets and this has helped when I am baking. I really think the problem is that the kitchen is so small that no matter how much we do it is always going to feel closed in and somewhat dark. The one good outcome is that I am not as motivated to go in the kitchen and bake because it just isn't as enjoyable as it was in my bigger kitchen at our old house. This is good for my diet and the waistline of everyone in the house. I love our house and living in this neighborhood and have decided that all the good things about this house outweigh this one small negative.