Curtains on the cheap.

I really needed new curtains in the living room. I usually make cafe style for the kitchen but wanted something better looking for the living room.
I got:
miniblinds from Wal Mart for $3.98 each ( 27X63 ) X 3 pair
fabric for toppers ( valances ) for $4.00, flat sheets in a coordinating color for the floral toppers ( twin X 4 ) $12.00
hold backs from big lots for $2.50 each X 2
$33.00 for two 48X84 windows and....
one door with a half window I just put a mini blind and a topper on.

When we moved in hear ( and I was working ) I had paid much more for three curtains for those same windows. These look much better. The down side, it started a chain reaction of me " deep cleaning " all my rooms, the living room looks like real people live here now.