Can I have my car back?

We recently bought a new car and traded in our old car. Given that our car was in very good shape we really expected more trade in value than we received. In hindsight I would have kept the car and donated it to a charity organization like Car Angel. Car Angel takes car donations and put them to good use. Donated cars, boats, houses, and RVs are used to finance the Car Angel Ministries video and educational projects that benefit teens, children, single mothers, homeless individuals, and prisoners. To date Car Angel has given away 24 million videos financed by donated items. You can sample some of the videos produced by Car Angel here at http://youtube.com/user/boatangel. I would have gladly given our car to a charity like this that would put it to far better use than our car dealer likely did. Donating to Car Angel is a hassle free option that is entirely tax deductible. If you have a car that you are trying to sell or just want to get rid of consider donating it to Car Angel today. If I could get our car back this is what I would do.